We prepare delicious dishes from the local cuisine, prepared with agricultural products grown on the farm.
You can enjoy our appetizers, in addition to salami, sage fritters, elderflowers, acacia flowers, omelettes with thyme and zeppoline with rosemary. Moreover, we also serve the traditional bread baked with wild herbs and extra virgin Ravece oil in order to experience the flavor of the Irpinian countryside.
All year round, handmade pasta is prepared with “Senatore Cappelli” flour. For instance we make orecchiette, cavatelli, fusilli, tagliatelle and “cavaiuoli” (pasta stuffed with ricotta cheese).
You can taste following delicious dishes at our Farm stay:
Il coniglio alla cacciatora (a dish with rabbit meat) or an antipasto with eggs.
A typical dish from Arianese tradition; sausage, potatoes and peppers,
A traditional breakfast of the harvesters; stuffed pigeon; lamb migliatielli; grilled meats.

The farm stay is open for lunch from Thursday to Sunday. By reservation only.
Complete menu 30€.

with a 30% surcharge for festive menus.


Bean Soup

Ingredients for 4 people: 1Kg escarole; 250g beans; 1 clove of garlic; oil; salt; hot chilli flakes; Fry the chilli flakes and garlic in oil


Ingredients for 4 people. For the pastry: 300 g durum wheat flour; 2 eggs; salt to taste; water.  For the filling 400g of ricotta cheese;

Spezzatino (Meat Stew)

Ingredients for 4 people: 1Kg veal; 1 medium onion; 200g peeled tomatoes; 1 medium celery; olive oil; oregano; salt to taste. Put the meat in

COOKing Courses

Do you want to learn new recipes and discover the traditions of our territory?
Now you can do it by booking a cooking class at the Regio Tratturo.
We will guide you in the selection of seasonal ingredients and show you how to combine them in order to maximize the flavors and aromas of our region Irpinia.
The lesson lasts approximately 2 hours, after booking; together we will decide the dish to make; we will provide you with the necessary ingredients, apron, utensils and recipe book.